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A Tortured Man

November 30, 2009

Let’s face it, the universe moves by fast and leaves us in the dust…  just look at the facts:

– The average American lifespan is currently a mere 78 years while Earth is just getting over the hill as it draws near its 4.6 BILLIONTH birthday.

– The fastest man made object – NASA’s robotic spacecraft called “New Horizons”  – travels at a maximum speed of 10.1 miles per second.  Meanwhile, light remains in a commanding (or dare I say constant) lead traveling at 186,000 miles PER SECOND.  You suck, New Horizons.

So in a blog that’s supposed about travel, why the heck am I going off about astronomy and physics?  Well, for starters if you know me then you know I’m a nerd; however, my main purpose is to drive home the point that time flies, and as much as we wish we could slow things down Prince of Persia-style or even stop time by putting our two index fingers together like Evie from Out of This World (enjoy the embedded video fellow 80’s children), we are confined to a finite length of time on this planet.  But my upcoming Caribbean Cruise has reminded me that we have a slight weapon against that – a parlor trick that could at least make it seem as though the world is moving more slowly… Anticipation.

Oh, how brutally painful it can be to mindfully watch the ticking clock get seemingly slower with each movement of the second hand when you have something in the foreseeable future that you wish would just happen already.  Such is the case with me and my can’t-get-here-soon-enough cruise.  Like most people I struggle with the suspense, but over the years I’ve learned to enjoy it and even harness it to use to my advantage.  I mean, honestly, why would I want to dismiss a moment when time actually slows down for me?  Sure, I may be tortured by the constant taunting of my desired future, but I’ve simultaneously been given a blessing in the disguise of longer days.  So it all boils down to taking a so-called negative thing and making it positive, like a tortured man who learns to find enjoyment in challenging himself to endure more punishment with each day.  That is how anticipation should be approached… and yes, I know how masochistic that sounds.

While today my anticipation for my cruise may feel like I’m being metaphorically water boarded for 10 minutes, come the final few days before departure it will feel like it’s lasting for hours.  So to absorb this steady increase of torture, I set small goals to build my tolerance and appease my anticipation.  This week I intend to go shopping for my cruise – new threads, travel-sized toiletries, etc. – while next week I’ll begin washing and packing all my clothes.  For some these tasks may be the part of traveling they hate the most, but when you’re being tortured by the anticipation, these smalls acts can seem like glimpses of daylight through a small crack in your cell wall – just enough to keep you going for another day.

My only hope is that when the cruise comes I can somehow manage to keep time moving slowly; however, that’s never the case.  When what you want finally arrives, it always seems to come and go so fast that it makes the speed of light look like a Model T.  My only hope is that these long days of torturous anticipation before my cruise builds up my strength so I can keep up with the sprint that’s ahead of me… only to be tortured again when it’s all over by the memories of a time I wish I could’ve frozen.  Damn, that Evie was lucky.

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  1. Jen permalink
    December 1, 2009 8:02 AM

    I know there was a point to that blog but man I can not believe you pulled out the theme from “Out of This World”…slow clap…amazing…thank you. Evie was and still is my hero even if her dad is a candy dish.

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